Posted on 12th May 2014 | Common Foot Problems

What Are Verrucae?

  • VERRUCA ARE Known as Plantar Warts but they also appear on other parts of the foot.
  • THEY ARE caused by a viral infection.
  • VERRUCAE are very contagious passed from person to person.
  • The virus thrives in damp moist conditions.
  • THE VIRUS Can be commonly found in swimming pool and shower communal areas.
  • THE VIRUS Can enter the skin through a cuT or scratch.
  • The VIRUS can lie dormant in the skin for up to 18 months.

Signs And Symptoms

  • THEY can appear as raised bumps on the feet with black dots WITH a cauliflower appearance.
  • THEY can be found in clusters or on their own.
  • THEY can be unsightly.
  • VERRUCAE can be painful and uncomfortable or in some cases painless.
  • A VERRUCA can feel like you are walking on a small stone.
  • THIS feeling can be similar to having a corn.

Treatments For Verrucae

  • SOMETIMES verrucae may disappear on their own after two years.
  • FOR painful unsightly stubborn verrucae you may want to seek professional help.
  • THE Foot Medic+ @The treatment Hub in Hamilton can diagnose and treat this problem.
  • WE have access to a few types of treatment.

Acid Ointments & Gels
Spirularin VS

Acid Ointments and Gels

  • THESE can be found over the counter, and they commonly contain a small percentage of Salacylic Acid which are most effective. but, a professional is able to provide much stronger version of the Salacylic acid ointment.
  • CARE must be taken not to get any of the is ointment onto healthy skin as it will easily cause damage here.
  • A professional is more adept at reducing the callous surrounding the area ,carefully applying A mask to the healthy skin and knowing where to effectively apply the ointment or gel
  • THESE must not be applied to the skin of diabetics or Those with poor circulation. Medical conditions that affect the feet and Pregnant women must be cautious
  • DO NOT overuse these ointments and gels

Spirularin VS

  • SPIRULARIN VS is a new verrucae treatment which uses a highly concentrated and patented micro-algae extract which has been proven to provide effective protection from warts.
  • This treatment is effective against WARTS / VERRUCA.
  • WITH continual use it protects healthy skin from the impact of bacterial, fungi, and viral infections after treatment is COMPLETED.
  • We are having great results with Spirularin Vs when treating children for verrucae.


  • THE spray reaches -50 degrees and is applied via a special applicator which destroys the skin an viral tissue
  • THIS may be slightly painful or uncomfortable during treatment
  • A blister may form
  • YOUR skin over the verruca may become darker
  • THE area will be dressed and a follow up visit to check it
  • Follow up treatment maybe required
  • YOU can still swim after treatment

THIS is not advised for diabetics or those with poor circulation or if you are sensitive or anxious.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

  • IF you are in communal dressing or shower areas often then wear flip-flops
  • IF you suspect you have a verruca then visit
  • If you have been diagnosed with a verruca keep it covered to prevent it spreading to others.
  • If you swim, buy AND WEAR a verruca sock WHEN AT THE POOL.